Ladies of All Nations promotes diversity and supports widows and orphans. It is an organisation that supports survivors and brings women from all walks of life together.

They have started an event called Beautiful Survivors, an initiative created to celebrate and honour people who have survived different and extremely difficult circumstances brought about by life.

They aim to celebrate phenomenal resilience, inspiration, courage, determination, strength and power of hardworking individuals who have managed to overcome difficulties or challenges in life and expressed their ability to survive. These are individual who may have faced terminal illnesses such as cancer, they could be survivors of domestic abuse, they may have survived extraordinary tragedies or armed conflicts and much more.  This initiative is designed to recognise as many people as possible and appreciate them.

They truly believe that by honouring and celebrating them it helps and encourages so many who have faced unfortunate events. Their mission is to raise awareness, recognise, support and celebrate unstoppable and unique individuals. Many of these people share their stories to inspire others to fight against all odds and never give up, to have courage, strength, hope and determination as they also transform their pain into power and give life and hope to the survivors.

They believe that survivors are the best resource for other survivors hence why they bring survivors together. They know that their stories will inspire and help to give hope to the hopeless and light where there is darkness and also inspire others to have a brighter future .

They want to empower and support other victims to realise their true potential in life so that they can lead more fulfilling lives. They also work with other organisations who offer help and support to survivors. They feel that working with other organisations will help in raising awareness of such people in society and making sure they are recognised, appreciated and supported by everyone.  They held their inaugural event last year.

Some of their previous recipients are domestic violence and sexual abuse survivors who are now working tirelessly in the community to break the silence and raise awareness. Some have even written their own books in order to raise awareness and inspire others with their journey as they transform their pain into power. There are also those who are living with a disability inspiring others that their ability is stronger than the disability and that the disability does not mean inability. 

They place focus on supporting, celebrating, encouraging and empowering other Beautiful Survivors to realise their true potential in life so that they can lead more fulfilling lives and give value and purpose to their lives and take pride in how far they have come.

Their main event is held at the end of April and is an invitation-onlyly event.

They have also appointed a Beautiful Survivors Support Team, each of them bringing something unique to the team to be able to support, inspire and bring awareness to others. The team is made up of people within health care, public sectors, doctors, solicitors, qualified counsellors and advocates. The mission is to create initiatives towards breaking the silence and reaching out to more survivors in the communities.

They also believe that no matter how painful your past has been, you can make it better. It’s time for you to take pride in how far you’ve come. Their theme is ‘l have my power back’. It’s time for you to take control of your lives by reclaiming your power back – celebrating and honouring Beautiful Survivors from all walks of life. 

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