Abram’s Bed, the makers of The Safety Sleeper is pleased to announce an expansion to provide local service in the United Kingdom.

The Safety Sleeper is a fully enclosed and portable bed system designed for children and adults who suffer from sleeping issues, wandering and elopement due to a diagnosis such as Autism, Angelman Syndrome, Epilepsy, Smith Magenis Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer’s and Dementia and other special needs diagnoses. The Safety Sleeper also provides safety to sleep walkers. 

Drowning is among the leading causes of death of individuals with Autism who wander at night when unsupervised. Other dangers are present with different special needs diagnoses such as entrapment during seizures and injury from loose bedroom items.

The Safety Sleeper was developed with key safety features such as a fully enclosed solution with a secure zipper mechanism; a coverlet over the mattress to completely eliminate any fear of entrapment; durable, breathable, fire retardant covering to allow vision and comfort; portability to provide safety and security anywhere and anytime, additionally allowing families the option of respite. Also, as a low sensory environment it helps an over-stimulated individual to settle down to sleep easier or a safe den during times of stress.

“Expanding to provide local service in the UK is fulfilling a great need in this region where we are seeing a rise in special needs diagnosis. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be able to provide a safe environment for both children and adults to retreat to at night, where they and their loved ones will know they are safe and protected during the nighttime hours when rest is so important,” says Beth Machine, Vice President, Operations at Abram’s Bed. 

Heather Ling serves as the local UK representative, providing service to families as well as medical equipment providers to help families who have loved ones who suffer from sleeping issues.

”I very much appreciate this opportunity to promote the Safety Sleeper in the UK to families and the organisations who support them.  We want to let them know we understand how life-changing having a safe space for your child to sleep in can be.”

To celebrate the launch of The Safety Sleeper in the U.K., we are pleased to announce a free prize draw where we are offering to one family the chance to win a free Safety Sleeper (worth approx. £1900).  Full T&Cs and entry form available on http://tinyurl.com/ocxx7uh

To learn more about The Safety Sleeper visit www.thesafetysleeper.co.uk.  Contact Heather Ling, 0131 450 7124.