How can you give people time by themselves, whether that is living alone, trekking the Pennine Way or just spending an hour or two by themselves, without them being isolated?

The Assure from Acticheck is a personal monitor and alert system that has won global recognition for the wristband’s modern styling, ease of use and intelligent alert triggers The wearer can have confidence that, if needed, family, friends or neighbours will get a phone call to ask for help.

Wearers have a bit more confidence when by themselves, and carers a bit less worry when away.

Great combination of alerts
As well as having easy to use SOS buttons the Assure can be set to monitor for signs of a fall and to ask the wearer to respond at chosen times to a gentle buzz  on their wrist by pressing a button on the band to confirm they don’t need help. These are called Wellness check-ins and one or two a day can be very reassuring for people who might go for a day or two without seeing anyone.

With any of these personal alerts Acticheck makes intelligent use of automated voice calls to connect with a responder network of family, friends and neighbours. SMS text messages and emails make sure that responders always have the right information at the right time.

Chosen people can set up the system through the intuitive online webpages and can also look in from time to time to get an idea of the wearer’s movement patterns. This can relieve any anxiety if a phone call goes unanswered.

With you whenever…
The Assure is designed to be worn all the time so it will always be there when needed. It is waterproof, has a one year battery life, and with award winning styling like a fitness tracker it avoids negative connotations sometimes associated with ‘red button’ systems.

…and wherever needed
Your homes are places of safety because you can isolate yourself from danger but sometimes you can isolate yourself from help too. The Assure communicates using a base station so that wherever you are in your home or garden you can easily get help. If you like to go out, maybe running errands or walking a dog an optional smartphone app makes all the same benefits available when out and about.

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