Remap is a charity that provides practical solutions that help disabled people lead more independent lives.

By David Martin

Daniel is a keen cyclist who enjoys exploring the countryside on his bike along with his family. Following complications from a routine operation, he no longer has full use of his right knee. He was worried that he might have to give up his hobby, until he contacted Remap.

Remap Basingstoke volunteer, Richard, visited Daniel and came up with a clever plan. He modified the pedals on Daniel’s electrically assisted bike so that they rotate independently. Daniel can now power his bike using only one leg, while the other rests comfortably on the ‘spare’ pedal.

Daniel is now back on the road, and recently enjoyed a family cycling holiday in France.

Another recent example of Remap’s work is a neat wheelchair solution for Graham. Many of us are dependent on our laptops, smartphones and other twenty-first century gadgets to run all aspects of our lives, and Graham is no exception. However, the tray that was supplied for his wheelchair was too shallow for his laptop to sit on securely, making it much less portable than it should have been.

Remap Barnet put volunteer Mark Game onto the case and he designed and made a custom laptop table to fit Graham’s wheelchair. While he was at it, he also added straps to the back and the footrest to improve access to the wheels, making it more manoeuvrable and allowing Graham to improve his core strength.

Graham is very pleased with his newly modified wheelchair and no longer needs to rely on his quick reflexes to save his laptop from an untimely demise.

Finding solutions…

Remap is a charity that finds unique solutions to everyday challenges. It provides disabled people with custom-made equipment to help them be as independent as possible. From mobility aids to gadgets around the home and sports equipment to supporting education and learning, no problem is too big or too small.

Everything provided by Remap is free of charge! The charity aims to help people achieve independence and quality of life, filling the gap where no suitable equipment is available commercially.

Challenge Remap

Whether you need a piece of equipment that isn’t on the market or want to have something adapted, Remap can help.

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