Mary Doyle – Personal and executive coach, STEM and accessible aviation advocate, and CEO, Rocket Girl Coaching

Mary Doyle has been named as one of Britain’s most influential disabled people in 2018. Mary has over 25 years’ experience working as a programmer and service delivery manager for global, billion-dollar software and telecoms companies and now provides personal and executive coaching to business professionals.

Since 2017 Mary has run her own professional coaching business, helping people tackle challenges, find new directions, make brave choices and become ‘an outrageous success’. She explains: “Being a wheelchair user and global manager has given me the drive for disability to be normalised in business and outside of the office. To quote Bruce Springsteen, ‘nobody wins unless everybody wins’ is my approach. Supporting people with a range of conditions from spinal cord injuries, neurodiversity and mental health, Mary brings a humour and irreverence to difficult topics and finds her most rewarding work in helping people through challenges, to triumph.

Her company, Rocket Girl Coaching, takes its name from Mary’s lifelong love of flying and space. A proud geek, she learned to fly solo at 42 and is passionate about disabled people reaching their full potential in all areas of life. Mary also advocates for accessible aviation, which will allow airline passengers to travel in safety and comfort in their own wheelchairs.

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