Centro Ferie Salvatore is a purpose built, accessible hotel complex set in five acres of a grounds on the Mediterranean coast of Italy, with attractive houses and buildings set among the landscaped garden in this beautiful region at the foot of Monte Circeo, south of Rome.

Due to its exceptional location and thoughtful design, Centro Ferie Salvatore enables disabled people to enjoy the classic aspects of a Mediterranean getaway, sun, sea, good food and a relaxed atmosphere.

The hotel has 50 accessible rooms making it ideal not just for couples or families but also larger groups or even travelling sports clubs and so on. With 50 years’ experience in accessible tourism, Centro Ferie Salvatore is ideally suited to accommodate your specific requirements to make a memorable holiday.

Access and peace of mind
The entire hotel and every corner of the garden is completely wheelchair accessible – as well as sun terraces and other parts that are especially designed for private peace and tranquillity.

All rooms are designed for wheelchairs. Apart from single and double rooms, we can also offer larger family rooms. All beds are at wheelchair height and furniture can be moved around to suit guests’ individual needs. Similarly, bathroom and toilet facilities are all equipped for disabled people, 

Our gorgeous beach, Voglia di Mare, is the ideal place to rest at the water’s edge, enjoying the sun – or on warmer days, a cooling dip in the sea. Wheelchair users can be taken within a metre of the sea, where a lifeguard will happily assist any guest in or out of the water, with special wheelchairs used for this purpose. Wheelchair accessible toilets and showers on site, as well as entrances, the lounge and deckchairs are all accessed by suitable paths, creating an atmosphere of independent relaxation.

Beautiful Italy
For those that like to explore, we arrange excursions around San Felice Circeo and the surrounding area for all our guests, in our minibus. We can take you to charming local markets or further afield to Rome, Capri, Naples, Vesuvio and other interesting places. There will always be one of our team or a qualified guide, who will know the area intimately and are familiar with facilities at different destinations.  

For further information about making your own sun-drenched memories, contact us: 

veritycentroferiesalvatore@gmail.com or tel: 07394 989404

Visit: www.centroferiesalvatore.com