In the 35 years that Medpage has manufactured and supplied electronic care products, technology has advanced at an incredible rate. The development of the smartphone has created a new world of communication and social interaction for people from all walks of life and has proved to be invaluable in the care sector. The terminology and industry jargon used to describe new care technologies can be confusing to some of us more mature in years.

At Medpage we believe in keeping things simple, while employing the latest technologies in our product designs. Our new memory prompting aid, the MemRabel 2i is a fine example. A carer can use their smartphone from anywhere in the world where they have an internet signal to send greetings, reminder videos or photos with text to the MemRabel auto media player. A perfect independent living aid for a person with failing memory or learning impairment. You can create reminders for medication, daily tasks or appointment reminders, all set with a selectable playback and repeat time.

It’s amazing to think that Medpage was originally established on the invention of an alarm clock to wake deaf people. It was called the Shake Awake and back in the day was considered a major advancement in technology and described by some as the ninth wonder of the world!

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