How a disabled dressage rider saddles up on her new scooter.

Despite living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and severe walking difficulties, Anne Brown, (58) from Falkirk, has been able to continue with her passion for horses and living an outdoor lifestyle, thanks to a radical Supersport mobility scooter.

Following several years of investigation, Anne was finally diagnosed with MS in 2003 and unfortunately had to take early retirement from her retail role. Her condition also started to affect her ability to ride. However, through determination and a positive outlook, Anne has still remained a lively character and competes in Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) equestrian events.

Freedom on horseback is essential for Anne’s wellbeing, however, independence away from the stables has only just become possible thanks to ownership of a mobility scooter with off-road capabilities. The Supersport scooter from TGA, is renowned for power and performance that can tackle rugged tracks and trails – giving Anne the ability to access the stables and join her family on rambles throughout the countryside.

Enjoying the outdoors

Anne’s enjoyment of the outdoors on her own or with her family has been made possible by a partial donation from the MS Society. With this help Anne has been able to purchase a Supersport and alleviate ‘the fear’ of not being able to drive independently again. Anne is a pro-active supporter and fundraiser for the MS Society and also regularly blogs for the charity. She writes fascinating stories and advice pieces regarding her experiences living with MS. Under the title ‘Life wi the Broons’ her articles are crafted in Scottish dialect and inspire other people with MS to achieve more from life.

Anne had seen a Supersport in Perth several years ago but she persevered with walking with sticks for as long as she could. Nevertheless, the time has now come for a mobility scooter as Anne explains: “The first time I saw a Supersport in a park I was amazed; wow, I’d never seen anything like it before. Now I own one myself, I’m getting the same comments. Even teenagers stop me and say ‘what a cool bike – wow missus, I want one!’ I knew I had to get a scooter that could drive off-road comfortably so I could keep up with my daughters and grandchildren when walking through fields or at the stables. I did not want to be the one sat on the sidelines holding all the coats.”

Anne continues: “My ‘Harley Davidson’ Supersport has made such a difference to my family and I. We can take our two dogs for walks easily and going to the stable to tack-up is no bother. With this new found freedom, I now have the energy to carry on with several of my campaigns and projects that include setting up the new Equi-Power Central Scotland RDA Equestrian Centre. I am also a member of the MS Society Policy Forum and Research Network, a self management course leader and a support volunteer for the local branch in Stirling.

My current focus is the new RDA centre, which we are raising donations for; I’ve even had an RDA logo tattooed on my backside in return for a substantial donation! The tattoo includes the RDA motto ‘It’s what you can do that counts’ which I firmly believe in. I’m even planning to tackle my own triathlon soon for charity which will include driving my TGA Supersport over extreme terrain. When my father was in his eighties he kept saying ‘I wish I’d done this, I wish I’d done that’, I will always be determined not to follow in his footsteps and my Supersport is helping me to achieve this.”