75% of people with disability report that they have left shops or deserted a business due to bad customer service. And it’s a sad reality that these incidents usually don’t lead to lasting improvement of service. It appears to be an endless cycle of:

Incident – Complaint – Apology Training – Time Passes – Incident.

Staff turnover, lack of training refreshers or nervousness in interacting with disabled people are only a few reasons why we keep seeing negative news articles of a person with disability being treated poorly by staff.

Welcome by Neatebox is a free app that aims to break this cycle across the UK and Ireland. The app allows you to book visits to participating venues and alerts staff of your needs ahead of your arrival. On top of that, they receive tips on how to best interact with you and are notified when you arrive at the venue.

Download the app today and start enjoying customer experiences that fit your needs.

“I have walked into shops, holding a cane in my hand, and nobody has come to assist me – so I walked straight back out.”

Ken is visually impaired and wants to live life as independently as possible. But on so many occasions he has experienced poor customer service and hasn’t been given the basic assistance necessary to do his shopping.

Are you among the 75% of people who, like Ken, are disabled by poor customer service? The free ‘Welcome by Neatebox’ app is addressing this issue across the UK and Ireland, by alerting venues of your individual needs ahead o your arrival.

Download it today and enjoy your independence!