One of the major downsides to using a wheelchair is that in certain environments items placed on shelves or in wall cupboards are likely to be out of reach. The ALTO is a new piece of kit that changes that.

The ALTO is an attachment for use with any manual wheelchair. Users can attach it themselves and at the touch of a button raise themselves, thus giving them access to areas that are usually out of reach from a seated position.  The user is elevated in a safe and controlled manner giving access to wall units, upper levels of fridge freezer units, standard height counter surfaces and windows etc.

alto1The option of ‘added height’ height enables wheelchair users to safely enjoy further independence in their homes and elsewhere. Simple tasks relating to dressing or working in the kitchen which would previously have required assistance are now achievable without help.

The ALTO gently lifts wheelchair users up by around 385mm at a comfortable rate of 100mm in 6.5 seconds into a stable position whilst keeping their seat level at all times. This clearly reduces strains to the neck and shoulders from over-reaching and provides a handy boost to their ‘working’ height without compromising comfort or safety.