Leading vehicle access manufacturer, Vapor Ricon, has made travel even easier for wheelchair users with the launch of its new seat system. The six way Power Transfer Seat will make the transfer from wheelchair to either driver or passenger seat convenient and easy, saving valuable time and ensuring safety and enhancing independence for users.

Easy to install, the seat base can be fitted into new vehicles or as a retro-fit product and, with its easy to operate fingertip controls, the seat can be pivoted in six different directions giving users a tailor- made approach to alighting from vehicles. It also gives users the ability to keep their current vehicle with only a straightforward adaptation necessary.

The Power Transfer Seat comes with added benefit of a one-year warranty and has a 228mm height adjustment as well as impressive weight capacities and forward and reverse travel dimensions so that drivers and passengers can travel in comfort.

Vapor Ricon is proud to offer a wide range of domestic and commercial products to aid vehicular access for people with limited mobility, including wheelchair lifts, hoists, ramps, restraints, transfer seats and flooring track.

Further information can be found at: www.vaporricon.co.uk