Offcarr Quasar’s titanium frame weighs just 4kgs, making it one of the lightest wheelchairs in the range. Extremely dynamic, agile, luxurious and stylish, it’s a joy to use. Furthermore, it can also be described as robust, durable and practical. For instance, it comes complete with aluminium clothes guards and carbon fibre wings, ensuring you stay clean even when going off road. The Quasar is a top choice ultralightweight rigid wheelchair.

Offcarr’s customer-tailored approach coupled with new research and design techniques ensures that specific and demanding user requirements can be met. Offcarr aims to turn the wheelchair from a functional aid, into an expression of the user’s personality which will help improve their everyday quality of life.

As their sole UK partner, Cyclone Mobility has been providing Offcarr’s ultra-lightweight range of wheelchairs for many years.

The range includes:

  • Offcarr Quasar – elegant and agile ultra-lightweight titanium frame weighs just 4kgs
  • Offcarr EOS – stylish and lightweight with carbon fibre side guards
  • Offcarr EOS3 – hinged front frame, ideal for travelling
  • Offcarr Idra 2.0 – aluminium, fixed frame with full range of accessories
  • Offcarr Zodiac – lightweight, solid agile and reliable
  • Offcarr Venus Adventure – light and strong with off-road features

Tel: 0800 1804850
Price: (base price) £3,114