The OrCam MyEye 2 is an incredible device that discreetly describes the world to people with visual impairments. The unit attaches easily to ordinary glasses frames and when prompted by either a pause of head movement or a gesture such as pointing, will read text to the user from any number of sources such as newspapers, books, menus, signs, product labels and screens. This capability suddenly opens up a wider world of information to the user, underpinning greater independence.

Adjustments can be made to its functionality by voice commands such as asking it to read slower or faster, or louder or quieter.

Perhaps most impressive of all is that MyEye 2 will also recognise up to 100 faces from its memory, in real time, enabling visually impaired people an opportunity to enjoy an enriched social life without the sometimes awkward moments of not being able to see or recognise friends or colleagues, etc. (MyEye 2 can also read barcodes and identify currencies.) It has a continuous running time of two hours and does not require an internet connection, although it will connect with Bluetooth enabled devices, allowing for headphone or hearing aid use.

Tel: 0800 358 5323
Price: £3,900

“Orcam has given me back my independence. I’ve gone from relying on the help of others to living on my own and doing things for myself, which I couldn’t have done without my OrCam MyEye. It has truly changed my life.”