Ottobock has expanded its product portfolio with a multi-articulated hand under a contract signed 2 February 2017. The product, BeBionic, will be transferred from Steeper over to the Ottobock product range effective immediately.

“With this expansion, we are continuing on our path of innovation as a technological leader”, says Professor Hans Georg Näder, President of Ottobock HealthCare GmbH. The Duderstadt-based company is thus further strengthening its position as a market leader in upper limb prosthetics. At the same time, it allows Ottobock to offer new opportunities to users and technicians.

“The best possible fitting for every user – by taking over the BeBionic hand, we are accommodating a new generation of users”, continues Professor Hans Georg Näder.

Practically and emotionally having the mobility of multiple fingers is very important to patients. This life-changing prosthesis makes it easier for the wearer to perform simple tasks like tying shoelaces. The needs and requirements of people who rely on a prosthetic arm have also changed – especially in regards to the increasingly digital working world and recreational environment.

BeBionic will constitute a new highlight in Ottobock’s product range next to the Michelangelo Hand. While the Michelangelo Hand features various powerful grip types, the benefit of the BeBionic hand lies in the diversity of gripping patterns such as separate control of the index finger. This makes it easier for prosthesis wearers to operate smartphones and tablets; perfectly suiting the needs of today’s digitally savvy generation.

“Integrating BeBionic into our portfolio is another step on our way to future technologies. The possibilities of the user will once again be significantly expanded once the functionality of these hands can be combined with pattern recognition”, says Professor Hans Georg Näder.

After a brief transition period, distribution of the prosthetic hand will be controlled exclusively by Ottobock starting 1 May 2017.

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