Para badminton is competitively played by players with a range of physical disabilities split into six categories and a separate system for those with learning disabilities/difficulties. There are two categories for players who use a sports wheelchair, two for players with lower body impairments that can play standing, one for upper limb impairments and a further category for short stature players. The game is identical in format to badminton with the only adjustment being the court playing area depending on the disabilities of the players.


One of the largest para badminton clubs if not the largest in the UK is Devon Racqueteers. The club is located in a village just outside Exeter. Originally started 10 years ago as a badminton club for individuals who required the use of sports wheelchairs it has now grown to incorporate standing players. The club has developed players of a range of abilities from lacking hand eye coordination, confidence and self belief through to players who are playing competitive badminton internationally. The club prides itself on welcoming anyone who wants to try badminton regardless of their ability, whether they wish to play socially or competitively.

The club runs on a Tuesday evening from 7-9.30pm at Broadclyst sports centre. To find out more information and to contact the club please visit their website or email