National charity the Spinal Injuries Association has announced today that Steve Brown, London 2012 Wheelchair Rugby Captain and TV presenter, has become their Ambassador. A role which will enable Steve to get more involved in a cause that he is passionate about.

Having experienced first-hand the impact that spinal cord injury can have, Steve wants to use his new role to ensure that spinal cord injured people have the support they need to live fulfilling and independent lives.

Steve has had a close relationship with the charity since he received support from them after he became spinal cord injured in 2005 in a fall from a balcony. So impressed with the work that the charity does, initially after his rehab Steve join the Spinal Injuries Association’s Peer Support Team, helping and motivating other spinal cord injured people as they rebuild their lives and take on new challenges. Steve left this role in 2008 to further progress the blossoming Wheelchair Rugby career that led to him captaining the GB Team during the 2012 Paralympics in London and being part of the presenting team for the upcoming Rio Paralympics.

Steve has always kept in touch with the charity, helping out by sharing his experience at their events and in their FORWARD magazine and even hosting their recent Awards Ceremony. Steve is now keen to use his Ambassador role be an advocate for the spinal cord injured community and to assist the Spinal Injuries Association with their work in keeping their needs at the forefront of public affairs and the general public as a whole.

Speaking about his role as an Ambassador Steve said; “The support that the Spinal Injuries Association gave to me, in those early days, has helped me to grow into the person I am now, so I hope I can use my position as Ambassador for the charity to spread the word about the good work that they do.”

The Spinal Injuries Association’s Chair Michelle Howard said of the appointment,
“The Spinal Injuries Association is delighted about having Steve on board as a formal Ambassador for spinal cord injured people and for the charity. As his sporting career has demonstrated, he is extremely passionate and committed and we look forward in utilising his skills in creating a positive change together.”

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