If you’ve received an injury that has made your life more difficult, you may be able to pursue a compensation claim. Able Magazine spoke with two legal firms that specialise in personal injury claims.

Head of Personal Injury department at Gorvins Solicitors, Stuart Biddle, commented on the severity of injuries at work and the impact they can have on an individual’s personal and working life. A recent example involved a client who was injured during the course of employment with the NHS. They slipped at work, severely injuring their ankle sustaining a trimalleolar displaced fracture, which caused permanent, debilitating symptoms. Surgery was undertaken, yet following this they developed increasing pain and stiffness and they retired from the NHS on the grounds of ill health.

As a consequence of the injury and associated symptoms their client had become very dependent upon their family and moreover became extremely limited in everyday social and leisure activities. They encountered considerable problems with mobility resulting in the use of a mobility scooter or walking very small distances with the aid of a stick. “In addition to physical symptoms, our client also experienced mixed anxiety and depressive features as a result of the accident. They were unable to venture outside due to the associated pain and restrictions, very much impacting upon quality of life”. The client’s outlook to life severely changed following the accident, resulting in retirement, adjustments to accommodation and mobility aids. The claim (settled at a joint settlement meeting for a figure in excess of £300,000) went some way towards accessing the services, support and changes to lifestyle that they needed following the accident.


Personal injury claims are not, as some people might think, a shameful moneygrab. Claims, especially those regarding negligence, need to be taken seriously and redressed, with money paid to claimants in damages reflecting the severity of the case. One specialist law firm we contacted, Potter Rees Dolan, has secured £114 million in damages for their clients with settlements ranging from £30,000 to £30 million, all within the period of February 2018 to February this year.

It means that clients – who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own – can use the compensation received towards the vital rehabilitation services, and, often lifelong, aftercare that is needed to move forward with their lives.

One valuable point to consider is that data recently released from the Government’s own studies reveals that since reforms in 2013, for claims valued at over £25,000 the amount awarded to successful claimants has dropped by 17% in personal injury claims and 22% in clinical negligence claims. In other words, selecting a solicitor with the correct expertise and a good track record is an important factor.

Senior partner and clinical negligence solicitor at Potter Rees Dolan, Helen Dolan, said: “We pride ourselves in getting the right result for our seriously injured clients by taking the time to investigate the full extent of their disabilities and their consequent needs.

By doing such a thorough job, we can feel satisfied that we will have done all we can to ensure our clients have access to the support and rehabilitation they will require for the rest of their lives.”


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