The eTrike is the latest product to be added to the Mountain Trike Company all terrain wheelchair range.  The company design and build wheelchairs that can travel over uneven ground, offering outdoor adventures for a wide range of customers with varying abilities and ages!

The Mountain Trike has a unique lever drive system which is how riders self-propel the chair and also means clean, dry hands for the user, it is also how the braking and steering function is operated. The wheelchair is very easy to manoeuvre and surprisingly you don’t need to have strong upper body strength, however, some terrain can be tougher to travel on than others, for instance softer sand and steeper inclines. 

The company continues to innovate with product developments and the eTrike, power assist all terrain wheelchair is a real game changer.  The eTrike offers flexible riding as the rider can switch between manual riding and power assisted riding. This is perfect for those who would like some assistance to travel over various terrains or active users who want to go further, faster or tackle more challenging  terrain. The power assist is operated in the same way that the braking and steering are operated using the lever drives – with a simple twist of the throttle the power is activated and where the speed can be controlled – this can be mounted on either the left of right hand of the lever.

The battery life varies depending on speed and terrain, but generally it can last for up to 8-20 miles.  It is easy to recharge and comes with a mains charger.

For customers who already have a manual Mountain Trike an eKit is also available which can be easily fitted for existing customers – making the product range fully adaptable if circumstances may change.

The Mountain Trike company say that feedback from their customers has been extremely positive with many saying how life-changing and what a real game changer it is. Even from long-term customers of the manual Mountain Trike who have had the eKit added – with everyone agreeing that it has made such a difference to their outdoor adventures.

The cost of the eTrike is £6,895 with finance options available for UK customers.  All products are customer built, come with a 3 year warranty and available in any colour choice – adaptations and accessories are also available.

For further detail about The Mountain Trike Company please visit their website