Really great paediatric disability products help children to push their potential beyond expectations. The features of the Leon F Kameleon make it an ideal starting point in helping the user to consider themselves mobile and capable – crucial for self-esteem and positive mental development, as well as practical and useful in their daily life.

This powerchair provides power functions, including power tilt, lift, and elevating legrests. Incredibly, the Kameleon powerchair has been designed to support the needs of children from 3 to 12 years, via easily adjustable, modular parts.

The Kameleon is suitable for children with a wide range of abilities such as those that cannot re-position themselves through to kids that reach out towards the socialisation and independence that the power-lift feature encourages – as does the power-tilt that creates further stability and supports good posture while driving, as well as making the ride safer and more comfortable. In other situations, that same feature provides power-tilt from 0 to 45 degrees, which completely redistributes and relieves pressure.

Each back panel can be adjusted, or you might choose a curved panel or flat standard panel as an option, enabling the best possible seating position, along with the height, angle, and curvature of the adjustable headrest – that also eases pressure on the head and shoulders. 

The abducted seating style of the Kameleon helps children to support their legs and remain in a natural sitting position, although the Kameleon’s seat pan is designed to accommodate customised seat wedges. Similarly, with adjustments of 10-12 inches of seat width and 11-14 inches of depth, it accommodates growth and development as it happens – making it a cost-effective option.  

A rear basket holds the child’s personal belongings, and a quick-release mechanism makes transportation easier. 

The Kameleon has a maximum user weight of 57kg.


Price: from £8,525