As thefts of Blue Badges continue to rise across the UK, Blue Badge holders are asking what councils are doing to address it and how they can protect themselves. This myth-busting article aims to address some of those concerns.

Myth #1 – Blue Badge theft isn’t an issue in my area.
The latest Blue Badge Scheme statistics show that in England, 4,396 badges in the year ending March 2021 were reported to be lost or stolen but over half (56%) of all councils made no prosecutions at all. This highlights that some local authorities have a long way to go in enforcing and protecting Blue Badges from theft and misuse. Sadly, Blue Badges are often stolen to order in quieter areas for re-sale in cities where they are most valuable. 

Myth #2 – Lockable Blue Badge wallets are expensive.
Thousands of Blue Badge holders are choosing to buy lockable Blue Badge wallets. One such product approved by the Metropolitan Police is the Blue Badge Protector. In some areas such as the London Boroughs of Barnet and Islington, initiatives are being led by Local Authorities to provide/discount Blue Badge Protectors. Even without a discount, Blue Badge Protectors start from £26.95 – a small investment to deter thieves over the 3-year lifespan of your Blue Badge. 

Find your local Blue Badge team to enquire about discounts here:

Myth #3 Lockable Blue Badge wallets do not work.
As with any valuable commodity, if thieves really want something, they will find a way, but the same is true of your house, your car or your bike and you would still lock those. Blue Badge Protectors are an excellent visual deterrent against opportunistic, smash-and-grab thieves who want a quick steal and getaway. Find out more about Blue Badge Protector products at: