QEF’s Get Going Live Mobility event on Friday 5 October is bringing, even more, this year by adding a ‘Get Going Live’ driving aspect to the already popular annual event, which is held every October for those with a disability. Giving the opportunity to attend a free event where there is all sorts of equipment and advice to help. There will be more than 30 exhibitors demonstrating vehicles with adaptations and plenty of advice plus wheelchair and scooter manufacturers.

This year we have talks by the DVSA about the special measures for taking a driving test with a disability. Graham Race – from QEF’s Tryb4uFly and Accessible Aviation.

We are also lucky enough to have the Mayor of Sutton, Councillor Steve Cook coming to officially open the event at 10am.

It is possible to pre-book for a free mini assessment by ringing 0208 770 1151.

Sue, who attended our event last year said;

“I have cerebral palsy, no-one thought I would be able to learn to drive. However an assessment at QEF Mobility Services showed that I had the ability; I just needed the right set of adaptations – they recommended those too. I had lessons at their Driving School and now I have the same mobility as my friends which is fantastic.”

As one of the UK’s top 3 providers, we complete over 1,000 mobility assessments each year along with advice and training with adaptations and solutions to ensure maximum mobility. Referrals are not required.

Driving Ability Assessments objectively measure the capability to drive safely; suitable for those returning to driving, older people of license renewal or those requiring clarification if there is any concern.

Driving tuition, retraining and unlicensed driving are undertaken on our private track by qualified driving instructors experienced in teaching people with disabilities, including deaf pupils.

Car Adaptation assessments give advice about controls, seating and vehicle access. Driving from a wheelchair may be an option.

Seating and Transfer Assessment for adults or children offer a trial of equipment and advice on seating and posture.

Prepare for air travel with Tryb4uFly, in our full-size aircraft cabin section to assess best seating support and transfer options.

Find out more here: https://qef.org.uk/news/get-going-live-qef