If playing music is your thing it can be terribly frustrating to have to give it up, just because of some physical impairment. Remap likes to enable people to carry on with the activities and hobbies they love; here are two recent stories of how we help.

By David Martin

The musical hobby that really chimes for Helen is bell ringing. But since her multiple sclerosis diagnosis she’s experienced problems with balance, stiffness and fatigue. She was finding it difficult to stand and ring and started to use a barstool to perch on but soon found she was starting to slide off. Fortunately her occupational therapist then referred her to Remap. Helen explains: “I arranged to meet Remap volunteer, Terry at my ‘home tower’ in Llangarron, to see what would be required. He turned out to be a cheerful guy who quickly assessed the challenge in a most professional and workmanlike manner. He clearly knew his stuff.

Terry’s suggestion was to adapt the perching stool, fixing it to a base to provide stability and using Velcro to ensure I was securely strapped in place. He built a prototype with extra features we hadn’t thought of, such as a hole in the base to use as a carrying handle. Everything was lovingly made to a high standard.

It needed several revisions before I was able to give it the green light but nothing was too much trouble. It took hours of Terry’s time in manufacture, fitting and travel, as well as the costs involved.

It took me a while to get used to ringing with my new stool, partly because of weakness from not ringing tower bells for a while, and partly because a slightly different technique is required when ringing from a seated position. However, now that I have adapted, it is brilliant! It has been to a few other towers and even taken part in a striking competition!

Massive thanks to both Terry and Remap, without whom I would have had to give up ringing tower bells.”

Brian is a big music fan, and plays bass guitar in several local bands, with material ranging from popular hits, blues, country and western, and jazz. Brian’s medical condition has deteriorated over the last 20 years making a wheelchair an essential requirement. He was beginning to lose enthusiasm for playing his guitar because the load on his neck was restricting the movement of his arms and fingers.

Remap volunteer, Paul visited Brian to find a solution to the problem – a removable guitar rest that replaces the wheelchair’s armrest when Brian is playing. Now he’s able to play at leisure, without the weight of the guitar cramping his style.

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