CPR Call Blocker was born out of a needed solution to block Personal Harassment Calls that sister company CPR Global was unable to solve for its customers, and so CPR Call Blocker came to life. Proving a simple, low cost, effective blocking solution has always been at the forefront of its creation.

CPR Call Blocker now helps homeowners and businesses solve their nuisance calls problems in over twelve countries worldwide including the UK, Europe, USA, & Australia.

They are constantly looking at new ways that CPR Call Blocker can provide assistance to stopping the ever-growing problem of nuisance calls, this includes product updates being released every six months to ensure that CPR Call Blocker is always one step ahead in blocking the newest types of nuisance calls.

CPR Call Blocker V5000

Nuisance calls can be inconvenient, annoying and even disturbing. The V5000 Call Blocker unit is a simple to use and effective way to control their frequency. It comes with a pre-programmed list of 5,000 nuisance calls and will block a further 1,500 of your choice.

The CPR V5000 features a three-inch caller display screen but best of all is the immediate satisfaction gained when you hit the large red ‘Block Now’ button, instantly adding another nuisance to the blocked list.

From: https://cprcallblocker.com/pages/v5000-easy-pay

Price: £69.99