With smart homes becoming the norm, it makes senses that your window treatments should be part of the technological mix. Thomas Sanderson two powered systems offer levels of innovation you would expect from a pioneer in electric blind systems. Choose the PowerView smart blinds system for handsfree control using a remote control and app, or consider the PowerRise system for effortless automated control. Control your blinds at the touch of a button or use voice control.

Why Choose Powered Blinds?

Full Control
Adjust your blinds at the touch of a button or via your mobile screen making it completely hassle-free.

Privacy & Security
Setting a programmable schedule via our app can make it look like someone’s home, while a simple tap of the remote can adjust the privacy settings when you are at home.

Child & Pet-Friendly
With an automated blind system, there are no wires and cords to help prevent accidents.

Energy Efficiency
Their systems provide a quick and convenient way to draw blinds to keep a room cool in summer and warm in winter.

Vist their website for more information: thomas-sanderson.co.uk/T8525