Shona started her blog in 2011. What began as a beauty and lifestyle blog has evolved and grown, reflecting changes in Shona’s life and her condition. As Shona has experienced more complications from Marfan Syndrome she has shared them candidly, from surgeries to the social impact of disability. These days is a platform for activism, discussions about accessibility and ableism, as well as many of Shona’s other passions: fashion, beauty, musicals and more.

Shona highlights aspects people might not have thought of, such explaining that she and many others need pre-chopped ingredients in national conversations about excessive packaging. She has worked on a project for the Guardian, written for the Metro, and worked with Scope, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

She explains: “When I started my blog at just 14 I had no idea about the challenges I would face in the years to come, the multiple surgeries and my decline in my mobility. But, I also didn’t know about how much I would achieve as a result, how many opportunities I would get and the difference I’d make in the world. The path I’ve taken in life is so different to what I’d hoped for but it’s turned out to be the better path in the end.”

Shona works to change and improve services and support within disability sectors. She is the youngest member on the patient advisory group for the British Heart Foundation, a Global Brand Leader for InvisiYouth and the Marfan Syndrome Ambassador for the Hypermobility Syndromes Association. She’s also helped local shops to install ramps to make them more accessible.

In her own words, Shona has “changed from the teenager writing posts in her bedroom to a young woman, still writing posts in her bedroom but also trying to make change within this world.”


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