This year Sirus Automotive celebrate their 15th anniversary and are proud to be known as the UK’s No. 1 upfront WAV converter.

Having focused primarily on drive from wheelchair and upfront passenger conversions, Sirus has designed a total of 12 accessible vehicles to date and has helped over 15,000 customers with both vehicle adaptations and WAVs.

The business was founded on a passion for engineering and product innovation. The expanding R&D team lead by founder, Simon Pearson, is constantly developing new and innovative mobility solutions and their accolades include a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for product innovation.

Their most recent conversion is the Ford Drive/Upfront, purposely designed for a wheelchair user to be able to drive or travel up front, and this year the VW Caddy celebrates its 12th year in production. This product has been a huge success for Sirus with many big fans among their customers. Amy Wharton, who has been a Sirus customer for over seven years and has recently received her second Sirus vehicle, said: “I play powerchair football for West Bromwich Albion Throstles and have done for the past 10 years. I travel to and from games and training in my converted Sirus VW Upfront which fits all my needs perfectly! When my Motability lease was up, I knew I wanted to stick with a Sirus Upfront as it’s very compact and enables me to travel sitting up front in my everyday powerchair and has enough room to travel with my mobile hoist and Strike Force (sports chair) at the same time. Sirus have added extra lockdown points in the back of the vehicle to ensure my Strike Force is secure at all times.

The Sirus VW Upfront has given me so much freedom to travel without having to worry about not having enough space to take everything I need. I often travel on short breaks and holidays where it is essential that I take quite a bit of equipment. My vehicle also has a rear seat for a passenger and two additional fold-down seats at the back. This is great for when I’m travelling with friends and family and still gives enough room for myself in the powerchair, my hoist, shower chair and luggage.

I have often thought about whether a larger vehicle such as the VW Transporter would be better but I’ve never really been keen on having such a big van. In my opinion the VW Caddy is so compact, yet spacious, that there’s no need for me to have anything different.

G5 supplied me with my Strike Force powerchair about three years ago. The chair is immense and I can’t now imagine playing in anything different – and their service is excellent.”

Sirus work in partnership with G5 Sports Services to ensure all our customers have the best solution to transport equipment such as the sports chairs.

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