As we get older, physical activities that used to seem so simple can become something of a trial. To a certain extent, that is inevitable – after all, we can’t expect to be as agile in our 70s as we were in our 30s. The important thing is to be honest with ourselves and those around us about those activities that are most problematic. Facing up to challenges is the first step towards overcoming them by making the necessary adjustments in our daily lives. 

Getting in and out of bed is a prime example. It’s an activity every single one of us has to do every day. If it’s something you dread, it can have a toxic effect on your days and nights. Yet as well as being one of the most common everyday problems, it is also among the easiest to solve. Let’s find out how an adjustable bed can help. 

How it works
Getting in and out of a conventional bed actually uses more muscles than you might think. Most critically, you need core strength to lift your body from a supine position, as well as coordination of the arms and legs. An adjustable bed does the hardest part for you, elevating you into a sitting position, and from there, it is no more challenging than getting up from an armchair. 

To make the process even easier, not to mention safer, you can consider a raising bed. As the name suggests, this is one where you can adjust the overall height. It removes the need for gymnastic feats in getting on and off the bed, and if, for example, you use a wheelchair, you can adjust the height to the same level for complete convenience. 

No compromise on luxury
One of the biggest misconceptions about adjustable beds is that they are ugly, utilitarian objects that will make your bedroom look like a hospital ward. In fact, if you look at products like Felly adjustable beds, you will see that they look just like ordinary divans. These ones are made by a Nottingham-based company called Sitting Pretty, where the emphasis is on quality and old-fashioned craftsmanship. 

More comfortable
An adjustable bed is not exclusively about making it easier to get in and out of bed. You can also take advantage of its functionality for optimum comfort. As we get older, quality of sleep becomes more important than quantity. Having your head slightly elevated might work wonders for some, while for others, elevating the legs to improve circulation makes all the difference. An adjustable bed gives you the flexibility to find the position that is perfect for you. 

If you spend more than just your nights in bed, the ability to adjust it will improve comfort in waking hours too. It’s perfect if you decide to turn in early and watch some TV, or perhaps if a loved one wants to spoil you with breakfast in bed. 

Staying independent, day and night
We all want to stay independent, but that can be easier said than done if it becomes difficult or dangerous to get in and out of bed unaided. An adjustable bed could be just the ticket to spend your days and nights on your own terms.