In 2020, during the pandemic and lockdowns across the United Kingdom, SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity provided support to more than 79,000 people in need, from veterans to serving personnel and their families. 

It takes donations to make this happen – and it takes people. 

People who volunteer for SSAFA – providing support for our brave Serving personnel, Veterans, and their families – are our lifeblood. 

Critical to SSAFA – the UK’s oldest tri-service charity – are its Serving Community Teams (SCT), who can help with all aspects of military life, giving financial, practical, and emotional support to serving personnel, family members, those who are living apart and away from a military base.

SCT roles are open to serving personnel, family members, individuals from the local community, such as schools, councils, and other organisations. These are people like you; people with an understanding of serving life, with some spare time on their hands, the desire to make a difference, and with empathy.

You’ll use your skills, knowledge, and life experience to benefit others in giving something back to the Armed Forces community while you develop your experience and increase your skills.

To learn more and to volunteer, visit: