An exciting new state-of-the art and fully equipped gym facility is now open in Sussex!

Quality physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatment sessions are now available for the community at the new venue near Horsham. Treatment sessions are carried out by highly qualified professional physiotherapy staff, whose specialisations include musculoskeletal, respiratory and neurology, among many others.

Sussex Healthcare’s specialised staff will provide each client with a comprehensive assessment and then work together to set up achievable goals and treatment plans. The high standard quality equipment in the gym can be used to maintain physical ability or to support the recovery process for clients with a variety of conditions: musculoskeletal, neurological conditions (either congenital or acquired), multiple sclerosis, etc.

sussex-health-care-logoThe range of exercises available includes stretching, strengthening, gait re-education, standing practice, posture, balance, mobility and endurance.

Specific therapeutic exercises are also available, tailored to individual needs and/or based on biofeedback programmes provided by the state-of-the art equipment and evaluation of training data.

The highly specialised and trained team of clinical specialists can provide support and assistance with a wide range of gym services, including:

  • Group sessions
  • Individual training sessions
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Fitness exercises
  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • Tailored rehabilitation exercise programmes to suit individual needs, based on personal physical assessments
  • Fully accessible gym equipment available for fitness and building strength
  • Underwater treadmill
  • Constant current swimming
  • Functional integrated personal training
  • Lifestyle analysis, goal setting and advice via in–depth consultation
  • Musculoskeletal strengthening based upon postural, static and neuro-dynamic demands
  • Neuro–core stabilization, knee and ankle stability and balance
  • Progressive motion and functional strengthening exercises via destabilizing balance
  • Development of a corrective exercise programme
  • Detailed target focused programmes with regular reviews.

For further details and enquiries, please contact James Greene on 01403 240066 to book your slot today or alternatively email: