“I am the first person to get paid work at Team Domenica. I have never in my life been first at anything, it’s such a brilliant feeling. It’s great to feel valued.”

Natasha came to Team Domenica with little work experience, but with aspirations for paid work.

Confident, kind and talkative, her in-house placement and training at Team Domenica have given Natasha the additional skills needed to secure a placement ideally suited to her natural abilities. Working in the Café and role play exercises helped significantly improve Natasha’s communication and listening skills, essential for effective and professional customer service.

Natasha now works on one of the doughnut stalls on Brighton Pier. With the support of her job coach, she has found it easy to develop strategies to rise to any new challenges and her initial placement quickly consolidated into three shifts of fully paid work. Brighton Pier has remarked that her exemplary reliability and timekeeping have been a real asset over busy weekend periods. Natasha is now saving for a deposit on a flat with her fiancé.

Building on her customer service skills and with increased confidence, Natasha is now also working as a part-time receptionist for Team Domenica, answering the phones and passing on messages.