Technology enabled care specialists, TEC-Angel, were presented with the Integrated Home Award at the recent 2019 Smart Home Expo at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on 17th and 18th March 2019.

The Integrated Home Award is given out by three independent judges, each with professional industry experience and knowledge, and is awarded to the product that most enhances the quality of the user’s life at home whether that be through integrated technology or automation – and represents the benchmark for the ‘house of tomorrow’. The award celebrates the latest, and most revolutionary, products currently in the smart technology sector.

TEC-Angel were one of three companies to be shortlisted for the award, with Managing Director, Nigel Mills, providing a three-minute pitch to the panel of judges before they were announced winners.

TEC-Angel is designed to offer independence to vulnerable people living at home alone, as well as peace of mind for relatives and carers. Using discreet, sensor technology, which monitors daily activity throughout the home, elderly, disabled or convalescing users can go about their lives without intrusive cameras, microphones or wearable buttons. Meanwhile, family and carers can be alerted to any changes of routine.

Speaking about the award, Nigel Mills, said: “It’s fantastic to be recognised for the quality of life improvements we can bring to vulnerable people. Especially as a visitor had commented that It was a bold move to even exhibit our stand-alone product at the Smart Homes show where everything is about interconnectivity! Sometimes however, in this ever-connected world, there is demand for a device that is designed to do just one thing and do that one thing exceptionally well. It’s a great honour that the judges recognised the merits of our works-out-of-the-box TEC-Angel system at a show largely dedicated to building systems from disparate components.”

Over the two-day event there were hundreds of industry-leading speakers, exhibitors, and panels, offering insight into the developing world of smart home technology, and the team at TEC-Angel look forward to attending in 2020.

About TEC-Angel

TEC-Angel is a provider of Technology Enabled Care solutions to private carers and families caring for loved ones. Since 2012, TEC-Angel and its parent company Arc Informatics have been committed to pursuing innovation and technical excellence, leading to the development of the cutting-edge TEC-Angel system.

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