The National Autistic Society has given Auto Trader its first-ever Autism Friendly Employer Award. Developed to change attitudes towards autism and create a society which supports autistic people, especially in the workplace, the award marks one of the ways the National Autistic Society is championing autistic people.

Auto Trader is recognised for its approach to making small changes which make a big difference to autistic employees and potential candidates, through reviewing its people policies, educating colleagues with training and awareness sessions and changing its environments. These include adjustable lighting, office signage, quiet rooms and booths to give people a break from the open-plan office.

The award comes as the National Autistic Society is looking to work with more employers on its upcoming employment programme, which is launching in September. A recent YouGov poll which found that 68% of senior decision-makers in business worry about getting the support for autistic employees wrong, while 64% said they did not know where to go for support and advice.

You can find out more about Auto Trader’s award and the National Autistic Society’s information and guidance to help employers.