The VIP2 offers users a superb combination of tilt in space and reclining positions to ensure they can achieve optimum levels of pressure relief, positioning and comfort at all times.

In addition to its 35 degree tilt, The VIP2 comes with either a backrest with fixed recline positions or an adjustable reclining back of 30 degrees. The recline angle of the fixed backrest is adjustable from -5 degrees to 15 degrees. The VIP2 comes with an adjustable headrest with a range of position options while other features include a deeper seat for taller users and a tension adjustable backrest.

One concern many users of reclining wheelchairs have is the risk of sliding. This has been addressed by locating the pivot point of the chair close to the user’s hip joint which synchronises with the motion of the body and the chair, therefore greatly reducing the sensation of sliding when reclining.

The feeling of anxiousness some users have when going to the tilt position has also been taken into account with the design of a unique weight shifting system. The system allows the centre of gravity to travel between the front and rear wheels while tilting which provides steadier balance and a greater feeling of security.

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Price: £1,554