Edinburgh is the most accessible region in the UK for disabled motorists when it comes to refuelling at petrol stations, according to new figures.

The city district has the highest number of petrol stations (per head) signed up to a unique wireless key fob service which enables drivers to call for assistance from their car.

The ‘MyHailo’ system, which is endorsed by charity, Disability Motoring UK, enables drivers with impaired mobility to avoid having to sound their horn or wave out of the window to summon an attendant.

Users can easily identify petrol stations in their area through an interactive map and the specially-designed fob allows them to ask for assistance without leaving their vehicle. A beacon in the petrol station kiosk allows drivers to clearly see that staff have acknowledged their call and that help is on its way , when the light turns from red to green.

There are almost 500 petrol stations nationwide using the MyHailo system and in Edinburgh there’s one MyHailo petrol station for every 46,106 people.

MyHailo key fobs are available for a one-off cost of £19.95 from: www.myhailo.co.uk