Regular Able Magazine reviewer, Dave, contacted us to say that due to lockdown, he had been unable to visit disability product dealerships in person. After explaining that he’d experienced a couple of falls and was looking for a decent rollator, we got in touch with our friends at TOPRO.

After a discussion with Dave about his requirements – backed up by Brenda, Dave’s partner – since a second set of eyes is always useful in these matters – TOPRO recommended their Troja Classic rollator – and duly delivered one to Peterborough without delay.

It isn’t called ‘Classic’ for nothing and has been a popular product since 2002 – that’s almost 20 years – and ideal for a chap like Dave who had a very straightforward and traditional idea regarding what he was looking for in a rollator: lightweight and manoeuvrable.

With wheels (20cm’s in diameter) the Troja works equally well in smaller indoor spaces as it does strolling down the high street, with wheels made of TPE (rubber) well as on tarmac.

Easy and convenient
Dave found the convenient turning circle nice and tight (at only 84cm’s due to the 12 ball bearings in the wheels and forks ensuring smooth navigation of corners).

After a couple of previous mishaps, Dave was looking for something stable and safe, a notion backed up by Brenda who worries that Dave’s active lifestyle could get him “into trouble”. No fear then, since the Troja features deep tread tyres, a driving brake and tilt function that makes it easier to navigate obstacles such as kerbs, as well as a parking brake that ensures safe use of the seat and secure transfer between rollator and chair – for those rare moments when Dave sits still!

From a practical point of view, Dave also noted with an approving nod that the mesh seat is comfortable, breathable and washable and that the memory function handlebar tubes allow for simple height adjustment. When you’re done, the whole thing folds safely by pulling on the strap – making it compact enough to store or even transport – with a lock clamp stopping it from skittering away.

Three differently sized versions are available with maximum user weights
of between 80-165kg, with all of them under 7kgs in weight. The rollator has a seven year warranty (except for parts that are exposed to natural wear and tear) so there’s plenty of miles for Dave to stroll yet.

Brenda confided that regarding the rollator, that time honoured phrase:
“Should’ve done this ages ago” slipped out of Dave’s mouth in a whisper – but that’s our secret.

Price: £269 with VAT relief