Trekinetic are not like most other wheelchair manufacturers. They believe that wheelchair users deserve the same access and freedom as everyone else and have challenged decades of conventional wheelchair design with their unique three-wheel drive system and carbon fibre chassis. Utilising their previous experience working in Formula 1, Trekinetic have created a manual all-terrain wheelchair that is as practical as it is striking. 

Comfortable enough to use all day and capable of handling pretty much any terrain on the planet, Trekinetic wheelchairs are designed for people who don’t like being told where they should or shouldn’t go. 

Placing the large wheels at the front enables it to take on mud, sand, snow and gravel – and it’s also versatile enough to use around town, making light work of cobbles and cracked pavements. 

While the carbon fibre construction might look unusual, it is surprisingly comfortable and the unique shock absorber/tilt in space mechanism behind the seat allows you to adjust the weight distribution and pressure loading to find the perfect position. There are only two seat widths available, 16” and 19” but a range of cushions and supports including a special ‘Hyperforma’ lining make the seat suitable for children or anyone with scoliosis. 

At just over 15kg, the Trekinetic K2 feels light and easy to manoeuvre and it’s surprisingly practical indoors, due to its 1m turning circle. Simple to fold down, with quick release front wheels, the K2 easily fits into the boot of a small car and can fit in many vehicles with the wheels still on.

Another useful design feature is the way that the camber (angle) of the wheels can be adjusted by turning a bar under the seat (by hand). This means the wheelbase can be instantly increased for better stability off road, while at the narrowest setting it’s perfectly capable of fitting through all but the slimmest of doorways. Clever stuff indeed.

While the K2 is clearly very capable off road, you do need to be quite active with good upper body strength to be able to self-propel over certain terrains. Unfortunately, the K2 hasn’t found a way to outsmart physics when faced with steep hills but the dynamics lever brakes certainly make downhills easier and you can even use them to turn once you’ve built up a bit of confidence. 

The K2 genuinely works as both an everyday chair and a second ‘off-road’ option. Traditional it isn’t but we like that; not least because its unusual design looks great but also has clear, practical advantages that will certainly contribute to furthering the user’s independence. From now on, you get to decide which way is wheelchair accessible!

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