As one of the UK’s leading converters of drive from wheelchair and upfront passenger vehicles, Sirus Automotive provide user-friendly upfront vehicle conversions backed up by excellent customer service. After listening to customer feedback the company has just launched their latest conversion based on the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect, described as their “best yet”.

Since they were established in 2004, the focus of the business has been on converting compact vehicles. As Sirus customer, Kelly Perks-Bevington explains: “My Sirus car is super compact, but still really versatile. I can drive or be a passenger, I’ve got rear seats, it’s not big and bulky like most conversions, as I really didn’t want a car that looked like a typical wheelchair accessible vehicle.”

Sirus founder, Simon Pearson commented: “The Ford is our most superior conversion to date. With over 15 years’ experience developing innovative vehicle conversions we have applied all of our knowledge to our latest design and have developed a product which has addressed many issues we know our customers face”.

Sirus put their conversions to the test…

Working in partnership with G5 Sports Services, the exclusive UK distributor for the world-leading Strike Force Powerchair football chair, the two companies were keen to show how Sirus conversions work with the sports chair. Niamh O’Reilly from G5 Sports commented: “It’s really important to us that our customers can travel in the vehicle and transport their Strike Force sport chairs safely and securely. Sirus provide a great range of WAV’s to cater for our customers’ requirements, and with their help you can now transport your chair and equipment, as well as additional passengers without the need for a much larger van.”

For more information about the Strike Force sports chair, or if you would like to try Powerchair Football, the UK’s fastest growing disability sport, which is suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities, please contact G5 Sports Services.

Sirus is sponsoring the Midlands Powerchair Football Cup on Sunday 10 March. The end of season event brings together all powerchair football teams in the Midlands in both the Championship and League 1 divisions.

Features include:

  • Drive from your wheelchair or travel up front with the option to switch.
  • Exit the vehicle forwards or backwards, with plenty of interior space to turn in.
  • Side entry with a very short and shallow ramp for ease of parking.
  • Anti-slip materials used to improve wheel traction in wet weather.
  • Retains the original rear seats and boot space, with option to fit a tow bar.
  • LED floor lighting to assist you in the dark.
  • Low noise levels due to the conversion being insulated to create a smooth and comfortable car-like experience.
  • Standard size fuel tank and accurate fuel gauge; great for long journeys.

The new Ford Grand Tourneo Connect is available with a wide range of new features and options. Available on the Motability Scheme.

T: 0121 505 7777