From being the first manufacturer to introduce the three-point lap and shoulder seatbelts as standard equipment in front seats in 1959, through to standard fitting of the Side Impact Protection System (SIPS), and on to its latest pedestrian detection systems, Volvo have been at the forefront of safety innovation for decades – but there’s more…

Volvo models currently listed on the Motability scheme are safe, sturdy and manufactured to the highest standards, but are also, it should be noted, some of the most exciting mid-range cars on the market.

The V40 and XC40 models have received much praise and glowing reports from all quarters and represent incredible value combined with state of the art equipment aimed at comfort and convenience such as the simple cabin air filter that keeps the interior fresh and airy through to the 360° ‘bird’s-eye view’ device that uses images from several cameras to create a view of the car as if seen from above, helping you to clearly see where your car is in relation to other objects around the car.


We have to mention, of course, Volvo’s City Safety system that constantly looks out for stationary or slower vehicles ahead and brakes automatically if needed to help you avoid or mitigate a collision – and is included as standard on the V40. Similarly, on the XC40 you’ll find kit including Driver Alert Control with Lane Keeping Aid. However, there’s more to the V40 and XC40 than just safety; since the manufacturer has also influenced the industry towards presenting refi ned interiors as places where you’ll feel good about spending your time in, surrounded by good quality materials and finishing.

An innovative outlook is utterly ingrained in the manufacturer’s ethos and pushing the boundaries of both car safety and the integration of other driver-friendly technology is a major part of the design brief of every new model. Volvo apply many of their features as standard, so even entry-level models are kitted out with a huge range of innovations to keep you safe, as well as entertained, and comfortable.

Volvo have been credited with being a huge driving force behind many of the safety and quality innovations that have influenced the direction of the entire industry – and they aren’t finished yet.

The V40 is available on Motability from £99 advance payment. The XC40 is also available with an advance Motability payment from £2,999.

For further details relating to Volvo cars available through the Motability scheme visit your local Volvo car retailer or call the Volvo dedicated Motability number: 08444 905209