Home is our sanctuary, our personal space, a harbour where we can be ourselves. But Life can make that security very precarious, in a blink of an eye. A road traffic accident, a doctor’s diagnosis, lack of oxygen at critical moments, the momentary lapse in concentration.  Life is suddenly not what it was.

At difficult times like these, anything that can bring back a sense of normality, some dignity, some security is to be welcomed. Which is where WashPod – the unique, temporary, disabled wetroom – comes in. The daily washing ritual to start or end our day, can be taken for granted but if you’re disabled, being able to shower and toilet when and where you are is especially important. But feeling clean, warm and rejuvenated can make such a difference when living life becomes challenging. For some months or several years, WashPod can be rented while a new type of life is assessed and accommodated.

WashPod can give back some of these precious moments at a time when they are most needed. If hospital blanket baths or flannel washdowns have been your lot for a while, a range of different models of accessible, pop-up wetrooms that can be installed inside your home or garden, sometimes in less than a day, can seem like a miracle. WashPod buys you some time to make adjustments and work out the best long-term answer.

What is WashPod?
The WashPod range was the brainchild of a partnership between architects who understood about enabling design and an expert in modular buildings with a passion for making things happen. The modularity of the WashPod range means that there is no need for adaptations and the parts can be carried through the home to the less accessible places to be installed in just a day or two, either outside or in a spare room. 

What does WashPod Give?
For someone facing a new disability, a parent struggling to carry their child up to the bath, or an elderly couple desperate to avoid the relocation to a care home, WashPod can bring freedom, dignity and independence.

Installing a WashPod couldn’t be easier. Just a phone call and a virtual visit can decide on the best model and size. Then a site visit and pre-installation to ensure a swift build on the day to minimise your disruption. Just one day will see most models installed, 2-3 days for the largest ones. 

Depending on stock levels, the time from order to installation can be as little as a week but more generally it’s still only a 2 – 6 week lead time. 

Visit www.dignityaccess.co.uk or contact us on  07709 173397 for more details.