The world is waking up to the realisation that aside from its dangerous physical outcomes, the ongoing pandemic is affecting people’s mental health.

The Big Disability Group has responded by creating special Wellbeing Boxes to help people to feel better about themselves and the ongoing situation.

The boxes contain a ‘toolkit’ that can be used to engineer a brighter day. A personal journal, for example, gives people a personal outlet to express their feelings without inhibition and giving them a cathartic notion of ‘a problem shared’. Other items include a calming relaxation CD along with art therapy books and pencils to promote positive thoughts and help take their mind off the current doom and gloom, as well as some seeds to plant, a fidget ball for reducing anxiety and a newsletter with a list of useful contacts.

The boxes are a simple idea that are designed to bring a bit of sunshine into the lives of the increasing number of people struggling with the mental health fallout of the pandemic. After months of lockdown it’s taking its toll on the mental wellbeing of people from all walks of life who report symptoms such as lethargy, poor sleep and mood swings. 

The Big Disability Group, has received a massive increase in enquires relating to mental health. 

Charity Co-ordinator, Kevin Crawford, said: “Mental health is one of the things we are working on just now. We have had a lot of people getting in touch who haven’t spoken to anyone for weeks and they are just looking to have a chat and offload.”

Calls for help prompted the charity to design boxes containing items that can be used to develop coping strategies during difficult times. Kevin added: “Everybody who has got in touch is overwhelmed with the box and the contents; it’s made a big difference to them.

People don’t realise how much support is out there. If they get in touch with us we can provide a box or direct them to an organisation that meets their needs. It’s all confidential and we will do our best to make sure they get the right help.”

Simple gestures of support are a signal that people aren’t alone in their struggles, despite literal isolation. The boxes are a touching reminder that people do care.

The charity is currently limited to delivering or mailing boxes to the West of Scotland (West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow, Argyle and Bute etc). They hope to expand the service in the future. 

If you think you would benefit from a box or require other support tel: 0141 237 4560 or email: or visit: