Purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) can seem like a big move. For one thing, it’s definitely a big-ticket item and secondly, it can feel that getting a WAV is a bit like admitting that your disability has become more severe. Perhaps, though, there’s another way of looking at things. Perhaps a WAV is the upgrade you’ve been looking for to make motoring easier, safer and more pleasurable.

It’s important to be happy about your decision to get a WAV. Here are a few tips to help you realise when it’s time to take the idea seriously…


Firstly, you might benefit from looking at whether you need a WAV from a different perspective. There are definite positives to purchasing a WAV, such as those connected with safety, comfort and convenience. Buying a WAV is one of those decisions of which you might end up saying: “I should have done it years ago”.

Travelling in your wheelchair

There may be good reasons why you shouldn’t transfer from your wheelchair to one of the vehicle’s seats. For instance lots of wheelchair users take great care over the selection of their day chair and in particular how it benefits them regarding prevention of pressure sores or postural relief and so on. These are immediately lost if they transfer.

In any case, transferring requires a fair bit of space, often kerbside, a fair bit of patience and a fair bit of time. Travelling in your own wheelchair mitigates these issues.

Drive from options

Just because you’re a wheelchair user doesn’t mean you have to relinquish your independence and freedom. Some wheelchair users choose to transfer into their vehicle and have someone else fold and stow their wheelchair – or have an automatic system that grasps it and stores it in a roof box, for example. Nevertheless, this all takes time and isn’t conducive to spontaneity – or what should be a quick trip to the shops. The primary convenience of a WAV to many disabled drivers is that they literally roll up the ramp into the driving position and drive off.

Moving people

It isn’t just drivers that benefit from WAVs. Families of disabled people can find it difficult to help their loved ones transfer. Partners of disabled people can be in jeopardy of injuring themselves or the person they care for if their strength or skills aren’t what they once were – and parents can find that while their children are getting bigger, they are getting older.

There may well be good reasons to let the WAV take the strain by simply lowering the ramp for easy access.


Depending on the model you select, the chances are that it’ll be a relatively large vehicle with space enough not only for a wheelchair user but also for passengers and their shopping, luggage or kit. This can be a real bonus and immediately enables disabled people to travel to work, take on errands or even enjoy a holiday in a vehicle with an accessible vehicle tailored to their exact needs.

Find a WAV

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