The Simba is one of the lightest rigid (adjustable) wheelchairs for children that you’ll find, at just 8kg. The primary advantage is that children will find it easier to push and manoeuvre themselves and keep active. This is made possible by incorporating parts such as the ‘carbotecture’ forks that are made from extremely lightweight stiff high-tech material.

Because it’s adjustable the wheelchair will grow with your child. The optimised axle adapter enables full adjustability of the rear seat height, centre of gravity and camber without compromising on any performance.

Meanwhile, the push bar can also be easily adjusted in angle and height for an enhanced ergonomic position. (A stabilizer reinforces the wheelchair’s backrest.)

A new safari side guard wheel lock enables users to stop quickly and safely.


Tel: 0845 605 6688

Price: £2,607.60 (base price)