Tom Jamison has again been selected by the Shaw Trust to be on the Power 100 list of Most Influential Disabled People in the UK.

Tom Jamison has featured on the list since his first appearance in 2019. Even so, it’s an accolade he is still humbled by, as he says: “There are so many new faces on the list this year with a completely new top 10. I feel very privileged to have retained a spot in such great company – and particularly with so many other Able Magazine contributors making the cut – especially our columnist Ciara Lawrence who debuts at number five; a real achievement!”

In fact, several of the names on the list such as Shani Dhanda (in second place) as well as Vidyamala Burch and Martyn Sibley will be very familiar to Able Magazine readers.

Jamison was the first disabled person to become editor of Able Magazine, a position he has held and developed since 2013. As a person living with cystic fibrosis he brings first-hand experience of disability to the production of every edition and a determination to help other people affected in various ways by disability.