Motoring is an important aspect of independent living to many disabled people and as we have found over the years, independence leads to both mental and physical wellbeing. Motoring has lots of benefits that are too many to list here so it’s a joy to be able to devote an entire section of our website to the subject.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that count for a lot. Being able to go shopping independently as well as getting to appointments enables disabled people to break free of having to wait around for the bus or a lift from a friend or relative. Of course, it also means that your social life can be underpinned with mobility – visiting friends, visiting places. It’s all possible with a car.

Motoring is about lifestyle and it’s fun to look forward to all of the great things you’ll be able to do once you’ve got hold of your new car. Motoring expresses that you’re going places, literally, rather than being stuck in rut. Motoring is about having the freedom to get up and go pretty much wherever you want to.

Our guide below will take you from ignition to inspiration. Get strapped in and enjoy the ride.