You might think that microwaves haven’t been called ‘innovative’ since the 1980s but RNIB have re-invented the concept to provide an easier and safer way for blind and partially sighted people to prepare their own meals.

For simplicity, there are just four controls, rather than a host of confusing menus, and so on. The microwave will talk to the user (with adjustable volume) to confirm power and timing settings (although the controls also feature tactile dots for identification by touch).

Simply select the cooking power (from: low, defrost, medium, medium high and high modes), the minutes and the seconds and press the start button to cook.

Because of the versatility of microwaves people with sight loss can cook anything from a single ‘boiled’ egg through to more elaborate dishes with confidence.

From: and or call the RNIB Helpline on: 0303 123 9999.
Price: £185 (excl VAT) £222 (incl VAT)