The National Diversity Awards will be held on 4th October at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. The ceremony highlights role models and community organisations across the UK for their selfless devotion to equality, diversity and inclusion. 

A record breaking 90,000 people nominated last year alone and with the ever increasing need for cohesion between communities from all walks of life, The National Diversity Awards is sure to deliver it’s grandest celebration of diversity. 

Award categories include:

Positive Role Model (Split into age, disability, gender, LGBT, race/ religion/ faith) – recognises a person who works tirelessly to inspire others and promote change. 

Community Organisation (Split into age, disability, gender, LGBT, race/ religion/ faith, and multi-strand) – showcases groups, charities and voluntary organisations who are making a difference to diverse communities. 

Lifetime Achiever – celebrates an individual who has devoted a major part of their life to enhancing the practice of equality and diversity. 

Celebrity of the Year – awarded to a renowned figure who uses their platform to bring light to specific issues, influencing change across the UK. 

Entrepreneur of Excellence – gifted to an entrepreneur who has created a viable business showcasing innovation.

Diverse Company – applauds a large organisation that has shown great strides in incorporating diversity and inclusion across their business. 

Nominations are now open and will close on May 15th

To nominate, please visit…

HSBC UK Announced as Headline Sponsor of UK’s Largest Diversity Awards

We are delighted to announced that HSBC UK are headline sponsor for The National Diversity Awards 2024! 

“Diverse communities are the backbone of British society,” says Ian Stuart, Chief Executive, HSBC UK. “We are incredibly proud to be the headline sponsor of the 2024 National Diversity Awards, helping recognise individuals and groups who are making a positive impact on diversity, equity and inclusion across the UK. We look forward to celebrating the incredible role models and change makers nominated this year.”

Paul Sesay (pictured above) Founder of the National Diversity Awards, said: “The National Diversity Awards are hugely important as they celebrate individuals, groups and organisations whose outstanding commitment to enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion are nothing short of inspirational. These people are often unsung heroes whose efforts and achievements might otherwise not be noticed outside their immediate communities and networks. Not only do the National Diversity Awards bring them the recognition they deserve, they serve to inspire others to be brave, stand up and make a difference. We are absolutely thrilled to have HSBC support this vision and look forward to working closely with their team to create lasting change”.

Read the full press release HERE

Celebrities Applaud National Diversity Awards

The iconic awards have attracted a growing list of endorsements from celebrities who are actively supporting the diversity agenda including Sir Lenny Henry, Stephen Fry and Katie Piper, and have recently announced returning sponsors Auto Trader and Direct Line Group. Check out some of their endorsements below…

Alex Brooker: “If ever there was a time to unite and celebrate the best of British diversity, it is now. It’s so important to recognise the achievements of role models and community organisations across the UK and provide a platform to vital causes that don’t receive the praise that they deserve.”

Katie Piper: “I am so pleased these awards create and celebrate a new generation of positive role models. As a campaigner myself, I will love reading about the excellent achievements of grass-root communities which tackle the issues in today’s society with sheer dedication. I can’t wait to honour these charities, role models and community heroes who will have shown outstanding commitment to enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion.’ 

Ashley Walters: “It’s strange that as a nation we have to challenge discrimination when Britain is so widely diverse. It’s also rare to see people from grass roots communities gain national recognition for their contribution to inclusion. The National Diversity Awards have created an inspirational concept, shining the light on underrepresented diversity champions.”

Stephen Fry: “The National Diversity Awards are continuing to have a positive impact across the whole of the UK. The awards have grown, and with it, so has the vast array of unsung diversity heroes being recognised nationwide.  It is crucial that we challenge discrimination head on, and the NDA’s unite those that dedicate their lives to the cause. Long may this continue.” 

Meera Syal: “Coming from an Indian background myself I am very proud of my roots and culture, it is great that Britain is hosting an awards ceremony dedicated to every level of diversity throughout our nation. It presents charities and role models from underrepresented backgrounds with a chance to be rewarded for their hard work, and will push them to continue challenging those who remain prejudice and intolerant. The National Diversity Awards will be a significant occasion.”

Gareth Thomas: “Being gay myself, I fully understand the struggles of people who feel unaccepted and face being judged and discriminated on a regular basis. This happens so often when we fear those who are different to us, but it is not an option and shouldn’t be tolerated when we live in a place with so many beliefs and diversity. The Media focuses so often on the negatives, it is about time something like The National Diversity Awards comes along, were we can recognise the great variety of people Britain has to offer.”

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WEBINAR: National Diversity Awards – Journey to Recognition

Date: 9th April | 12.00 – 13.00 

2024 sees The National Diversity Awards celebrate 13 years of recognising thousands of charities, role models and community heroes across the UK for their devotion to enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion. With nominations for this year now open (Closing 15th May), Founder, CEO and change-maker Paul Sesay takes this prime opportunity to delve into a conversation about this year’s process.

In this webinar, we’ll be joined by a distinguished panel comprising a judge (David Villa-Clarke BEM, CEO, Aleto Foundation), a sponsor (Christos Tsaprounis, Head of People & Culture, Auto Trader UK), and a past winner (Dr Amo Raju OBE, Lifetime Achiever recipient & CEO of Disability Direct), of the UK’s largest diversity awards. Together, they’ll share their experiences, insights, and perspectives on the significance of diversity and inclusion initiatives, as well as the impact of being involved with such a renowned platform.

Nominations serve as a gateway to acknowledging individuals and organisations for their outstanding work. Join us to participate in a Q&A as our panellists share their insights, shedding a light on:

  • The role of the National Diversity Awards in promoting diversity & Inclusion
  • Insights into the nominations and judging process
  • The importance of nominations and acknowledging unsung heroes
  • The significance of sponsorship support in diversity initiatives
  • Personal journeys of winners and the impact of receiving an award