BBC Ability is one of the staff-led networks at the BBC, run by disabled people,for disabled people. It’s one of nine staff networks across the organisation supporting and championing colleagues from different backgrounds. I’ve been co-chair of the network since April 2023 and have made it my mission to ensure all aspects of disability and accessibility continue to be considered across the business.

By Johny Cassidy, BBC journalist and co-chair of BBC Ability.

As a network, BBC Ability has a dual purpose. We’re there to guide and support all disabled colleagues and allies through the various policies and processes already in place that support all disabled staff. It’s crucial people know what support is there as they navigate their careers at the BBC. 

Our other role, which is equally as important, is to work with our diversity and inclusion team to ensure senior leadership understands the issues disabled colleagues face every day. If we’re to make the BBC an even better place for disabled people to thrive, we need to be honest about some of the barriers that exist and provide solutions and pathways on how to remove them.  

My co-chair and I are also keen to spotlight fantastic disabled staff doing great things at the BBC. We’re passionate about highlighting managers and leaders who support disabled members of their team and who really value the diversity of thought different lived experiences bring. We all know that the unique position the BBC holds means that it should be reflective of all audiences outside. It’s only by recruiting and retaining fantastic disabled staff inside, that this can truly happen. 

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