The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently published figures highlighting the employment gap between disabled people and non-disabled people. Despite plenty of promises, even from government bodies, the gap has barely changed in the last decade!

We all want to see this gap close but it won’t happen unless we act. Able Magazine is taking a proactive approach and will be inviting like-minded organisations to join our new ‘Be the Difference Initiative’ which launches on 1st July.

The message of this initiative is quite simply: ‘We want you’. Every company and organisation should
be representative of the community they serve so we hope that every employer will strive towards proactively recruiting a number of employees with disabilities that properly reflects the national picture, where around 20% of people are affected by disability.

Please ring Publisher of Able Magazine, Steve Craven today to find out more: 0141 285 4000 or email: