Tempo-Duo 2 - Light

The Perfect Blend of Ease & Performance

TESSIER develop sit ski equipment from more than 20 years.

3 years of development combined with its experience allowed to launch the TEMPO® this winter. The new generation of Uniski and Dualski, available in “Solo” (independent ski) and “Duo” (piloted ski).

Tessier’s challenge when designing the TEMPO was to keep a high performance level for very good skiers and make it easy for beginners at the same time.

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Volvo with Motability. Accessible, Adaptable, Affordable.

Andrew Dunn smiling on a chair

RNIB College Helps To Develop Skills And Confidence Of Students

Andrew Dunn, 21, has learning difficulties, a visual impairment and other physical issues. He is taking a further education programme at RNIB College in Loughborough and explains what he has gained from college life: “I have learnt so much: how to work independently and in a team, using the computer and working in an office. I have become more confident and my work placement has taught me better social and communications skills. Continue reading

a man standing on the edge of a cliff with his arms in the air

Finding The Strength To Stand Tall – How Charity, Connect Supports People With Aphasia.

Connect, the communication disability network helps and supports people with aphasia. Aphasia is a communication disability which occurs when the communication centres of the brain are damaged. It is usually caused by stroke, but can also be caused by brain haemorrhage, head injury or tumours.  Robert, a talented artist, a devoted father and partner tells his story of experiencing aphasia.

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