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Carbon Black: Taking The Market By Storm

Carbon Black, the Ferrari of wheelchairs, has just hit the UK market and now the company has its sights on international markets.

Offering features never before seen in wheelchairs, Carbon Black is designed to outperform other lightweight wheelchairs in every way, with aesthetics to turn heads. The concept of using carbon fibre – the same material used to create Formula 1 cars and fighter jets – has resulted in a stunning design that is robust and ideally suited to the most active user. Continue reading


Phaeno Science Centre

This year sees 25 years since the Berlin Wall came down. To mark the occasion, Able Magazine was invited by the German National Tourist Board to visit Berlin. Their ‘Barrier Free’ program is showing how places can become truly inclusive and disability friendly. In so doing they’re enabling more disabled travellers to visit this great Capital.

Here’s another postcard from our visit:

We sometimes forget that we live on an extraordinary sphere. The Phaeno science centre reminds us that the Earth is full of phenomena that we can experience every day.

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Tempo-Duo 2 - Light

The Perfect Blend of Ease & Performance

TESSIER develop sit ski equipment from more than 20 years.

3 years of development combined with its experience allowed to launch the TEMPO® this winter. The new generation of Uniski and Dualski, available in “Solo” (independent ski) and “Duo” (piloted ski).

Tessier’s challenge when designing the TEMPO was to keep a high performance level for very good skiers and make it easy for beginners at the same time.

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