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Paralympic Roster To Feature Typical ‘British’ Sports

The modern Paralympic movement took its first steps at Stoke Mandeville Hospital under Dr Ludwig Guttmann. The IPC is now expanding the roster of Paralympic events.

In a surprise move, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is broadening the roster of events at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. In deference to Great Britain’s founding approach to the parasport movement, one or possibly two more events (based on British pastimes) will be added to those already on the schedule.

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Sussex Healthcare open new purpose-built care facilities

The Award Winning, Sussex Healthcare Group are excited to announce the opening of their brand new purpose built care facilities at Rapkyns Care Centre, Broadbridge Health, near Horsham.

The facilities are comprised of two buildings, each purpose-built, consisting of four 10 bedded units. These are specifically for clients with acquired brain injury and neurological conditions as well as for people with autism or young people leaving school or college with profound learning and physical disabilities. These buildings bring a exciting new service to potential clients which include all the latest technologies and also provides residential, respite and outreach placements.

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A Big Lift For A Brave Girl

Matilda Callaghan was born with a birthmark which covers most of her face -and down the side of her body – that means she will require regular laser treatments until she is 16 for it to fade.

The brave little girl has a condition called Sturge Weber Syndrome – a rare neurological and skin disorder which causes learning difficulties, paralysis and seizure. Matilda, now four, was also born with two holes in her heart that required life-saving surgery when she was a baby.

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Why I Love Monday Mornings

It’s relief rather than rapture that my health has seen off the patchy period of healthcare provision. It means that I’m safe for another five days.

Even if I’m commanded by the alarm clock to get out of my bed at an earlier than desired hour, I know I’ve made it through another risky two days. If you’ve ever fallen ill or had a nasty accident requiring hospital intervention at the ‘weekend’ (that’s night until Sunday evening), you’ll know exactly what I mean. I’m only half joking (and using the blackest humour to do so) when I say that we should all celebrate being alive and well and ready to start a new day and more significantly, a new week.

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