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Iain approached The Stair Climbing Company in March searching for a solution for his mother to get up and downstairs from her second floor flat. Iain’s mother Ursula suffers from COPD, a condition the renders her out of breath and exhaustion after only moderate exertion, so help with the stairs was crucial to assist with mobility and quality of life.

This was particularly important whilst Iain was recovering from a leg operation and had reduced mobility himself. Continue reading

Laura Bowey, Information and Support Manager with Shilpa Fatania, Carer

Unique Study on Social Care and Parkinson’s Published

New research published last week reveals that many people are not aware of what social care is or how to access it.

Good quality social care can make a big difference to the lives of people affected by Parkinson’s but often people don’t get social care support until they reach crisis point.

Social care services can help people in their own homes, for example with personal care, preparing meals, giving medication, or getting out and about.

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