Disabled flyers from charity ‘Aerobility’ had a unique day of flying in the Avion A320 Flight Simulator.

Aerobility students and members of staff visited the Airbus A320 Simulator in Avion’s Flight Training Centre at London Luton Airport. They were able to take hold of the controls themselves and go for a simulated flight – something that usually only airline pilots get to do.

Aerobility Team

The experience was generously donated by Avion to ‘The Aviatrix Project’ – an organisation that works to raise awareness, particularly amongst women and girls but also people from diverse backgrounds, about aviation as a potential career choice. The Aviatrix Project then donated it to Aerobility.

Aerobility is a charity which changes lives by allowing anyone, with any disability, to experience the magic and wonder of flight. The organisation provides access to modified light aircraft and equipment, giving every disabled person the unique chance to spread their wings.

Aerobility volunteers and members of staff, as well as some of Aerobility’s student flyers, were able to practise flying in the simulator. Youngest of the group to fly was 16-year-old Sammy, whose passion for aviation served as a lifeline during difficult times with his mental health.

Disabled Flyer, Sammy

Sammy said: “This was unlike anything I’ve ever done before. It was such an incredible experience, it feels so real. It was really fun.”

Founded in 2015, Avion serves an international customer base with full-motion flight simulators and pilot training. Avion uses the latest proven technology to achieve a better flight training experience at a lower total cost of ownership.

Avion Simulator

Wouter Hollenga, Avion’s Marketing and Sales Officer, said: “It was truly a pleasure to see the Aerobility team experience and enjoy our Airbus A320 Simulator. Their enthusiasm and genuine joy reminded us of the profound impact aviation can have.”

Brian Wheeler, COO of Aerobility, expressed his gratitude, stating: “This was an amazing experience for our team, and we want to pay tribute to the great generosity of both Avion and The Aviatrix Project. Their support not only provided an unforgettable day but also contributes to our mission of creating opportunities for disabled individuals in the world of aviation.”